The Horrors of MicroAggressions, My Take On Father’s Day, and More…


Thoughts and links and stuff from the last week.

First-Ever ‘Daily Caller’ Article, Fun Radio Interview, Caitlyn/Bruce, & The Right Mics Radio Show

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My Daily Caller column on Bernie and more.

Latest @Townhallcom Column, Some GREAT Videos, Recent Articles, and Latest @TheRightMics Radio Links

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Some very very fun stuff! My mea culpa for contributing to youth inequality and unfairness: I also did a video about it: Click the links to see my recent IJReview articles and other Townhall articles. My hermano SooperMexican perfectly explains why latinos should be conservative: Here’s my favorite ‘toon from the week, related to my … Read more

Video: @DanJoseph78 and I Interviewed Hillary PLUS Today’s ‘The Right Mics Radio Show’ Link

hillary at chipotle

My newest video: interview of Hillary with Dan Joseph. And the link to today’s Right Mics Radio Show.

Fun Interaction With @MarkLevin, This Week’s @Townhallcom Article, and ‘The Right Mics Radio Show’ Links


Phone call with Mark Levin, Townhall column on “Turn,” and radio show links.

My Latest @TownHallcom Article – On Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and #Baltimore – Plus Yesterday’s Radio Show Link

Click pic to read article.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of my fave hoopsters back in the day, writes a regular column for Time Magazine. Oftentimes thoughtful and insightful, he also sometimes misses the mark by a MASSIVE margin. His take on Baltimore is a perfect example of the latter. His op/ed generated this: Click HERE for the other TOWNHALL columns. Click … Read more

My Latest Townhall Column, Video of Hillary Street Art, Right Mics Radio Links and More

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It’s been a bit, but this is so totally worth it…

Today’s Show Post and An Article That REALLY Upset Me About the White House’s Approach to Iran

Hillary at lunch

On Iranian terrorism and today’s Right Mics Radio Show blog link.

Anti-Hillary Art Hits NYC and LV – With Video of All of them – and 4.15.15 ‘The Right Mics Radio’ Link

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Awesome Hillary street art and today’s show link.

My Latest @Townhallcom Article On Rand Paul and Friday’s ‘The Right Mics Radio Show’ Link

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I loved the controversy this week over Rand Paul’s interactions with the press. The left was all pearl-clutchy about it — because he basically doesn’t accept their crap (which is so awesome) — and there were a few conversations on the various news channels about it. They were VERY critical of him; which I loved … Read more