A Couple Of Recent Published Articles and the Right Mics Radio Show for 2.23.15

Monday's Show Link.

A handful of articles and Monday’s show with Dan Bongino

Fun: My Dennis Miller Radio Show Guest Segment and the 2.20.15 Right Mics Radio Link

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My Dennis Miller Radio segment from this week and Friday’s Right Mics show link.

My Recent Published Articles and the 2.19.15 Radio Show Link

Monday's Show Link.

My month-to-date articles and links to Thursday’s show with Larry O’Connor.

FOUR Days of Links for The Right Mics Radio Show

Monday's Show Link.

Here are four days of links for my radio shows. #WorthTheLookSee

Most Hilarious Joe Biden Video EVER and The Right Mics Radio Show Link for 2.12.15

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Biden. Seriously. Butt Buddies? Really? And today’s show with Michael Walsh.

Megyn Kelly Shows Us the CRAZIEST Interview Ever with Eric Holder; and the Right Mics Radio for 2.10 & 2.11

Monday's Show Link.

Melissa Harris-Perry FAIL; and the Right Mics show links.

A New Video About My Very Super Fav Gov Program and 2 Days’ Worth of Right Mics Radio Links

Funnest video I’ve done in a while and links to 2 days of broadcast more-than-mere-mediocrity. And a fun Friday night date.

A STRONG Movie Recommendation and Today’s Right Mics Radio Show Link

“Belle”: awesome. And links to today’s The Right Mics with Mike Miller and Michael Hausam