Fun: Links/Archives/Topics For the Last Three Day of The Right Mics Radio Show

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The last three days of my radio show: archives, links, topics, and other fun.

Today’s Community Digital News Column: Al Sharpton is Going to ‘Help’ Hollywood’s Shortage of Black Executives

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Al Sharpton is my very very favorite and I’m glad he’s getting involved.

The Perfect Gift Selection, 10 Days Before Christmas: My Recently Published Articles

Lucky you. I’ve just solved your Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice shopping conundrum. Just print these out and distribute them amongst your loved ones. Or loathed ones. You decide. An Open Letter to Liberal CEOs (Published on Women earn less than men? Then I’m starting a business to take advantage of that. (Published on Communities Digital News) … Read more

Dennis Miller Radio Show Guest Segment – Guest Hosted by Larry O’Connor

On Friday my good friend Larry O’Connor guest hosted and we had a blast for a segment! Here’s the bit: I also did a video for the “investment opportunity” that we discussed: hiring women instead of men to exploit the “wage gap.” I’m certain we’ll make a FORTUNE: I had two different articles published on … Read more

My Appearance on The Rick Amato Show — Airdate 12.1.14

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My segment on The Rick Amato — originally aired 12.1.14

You’ll Probably Want To Gather The Family Around and Read Aloud My Recently Published Articles…

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A summary of the articles that I’ve had published in the last week.