Sep 132014
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My favorite regular segment is the hour I spend with TruthBeToldMedia and IJReview’s Politics Editor Mike Miller. It was particularly fun to know that while we were owning radio we also were owning social media worldwide:Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.18.17 PMWe talked about music and how he’s trying to current; but it’s obvious he is not. We then discussed sexting. The context was the esteemed James Clyburn (D-SC) encouraging EVERYONE to sext. I also told an hilarious story about my buddy who had his first REAL sexting conversation sitting next to his mom at his son’s football game. He’s now a big fan.

We also talked about my article that discusses that the President has had to channel his inner George W. Bush in order to look tough and undo his mistakes. #shocker

He mentioned a hilarious picture of Bill Clinton and Kim Cattrall; and how they obviously wanted to tear each other’s clothes off. And they totally do:cattrall clintonWe then talked about the President’s speech (zzzzzzzz) and John Stewart ripping him a new one.

Next I discussed the problem with Republicans assuming that just because Obama’s numbers have tanked that they’ll have some kind of easy lope to the White House in 2016. My article on Hillary’s numbers proves that they will NOT.

The President said on Wednesday that ISIL (NOT ISIS — Sterling Archer works for ISIS) is not a state. Well, he’s wrong. Look how big a swath of the world they control here.

Mark Tapson and his article on a somewhat but not really Swiftian proposal: to learn enough about the Islamic faith in order to escape execution if radicals invade your home. Eric Farris called in during this segment and it was seriously fun. Tapson is going to be on Farris’ show on Sunday as a result of my gracious invitation for them to become friends. We also talked a bit about Islam in general and

I didn’t mention this article — Freedom and the Power of Pop Culture — but you must read it. Now.

After Mark left, I discussed Jay Carney’s getting a reality check from John McCain — turns out, the security of the White House Press Room kind of made him think he was invincible.

Oh, and there were a bunch of new COLD TEMP records set early this month. Al Gore’s weeping.

On the last half hour of the show, the brilliant and beautiful Paty Newman was on, giving a bit of her history and opinion on the immigration mess and the healthcare mess. She is one of my very favorite people, indeed.

Also: I put up on my YouTube site a collection of TV appearances that I’ve done. If you’re interested in that stuff, please subscribe here. Latest: This week I hosted Jamie Glazov and FrontPageMag’s The Glazov Gang. And it was probably my best tv appearance ever.


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Sep 112014

I started off today’s show with a 30-minutes interview with Dan Bongino — ex-secret service and future Congressman. And we had fun. A ton. I’ve done a couple of articles on IJR about him that really did well — people LOVE him  (here and here) — and so I knew we’d get along. When he quoted Friedman, I knew we’d rock.Listen to the isolated segment here.

For the rest of the show, and I really knocked it out of the park , listen to that here.

Show topics:

  • The IRS Commissioner actually said this. Unbelievably said this.
  • Then I saw this story and went OFF: the Boston Marathon bombings were NOT acts of terrorism. Unbefrigginlievable. I wrote about it tonight and will post it with tomorrow’s show notes.
  • Lastly: Chris Matthews is an idiot with his “Republicans are not unpatriotic but want Obama to fail” line.
  • Interview segment in the last 1/2 hour: Paty Newman. She was fantastic, delightful, and spot on.

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Sep 112014
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As I’m writing this just barely into 9.11, I’m thinking about this day. And also thinking about how I’d like our enemies destroyed. Utterly. I listened to the President’s speech tonight and will discuss it on the show tomorrow. He’s now got a strategy. Great. And he’s a complete novice incompetent whose vision of existence is so thoroughly and totally distinct from reality it makes me want to vomit.

Fun announcement for tomorrow: Dan Bongino will be my guest in the first half hour. #stoked.

Also fun: I guest-hosted again tonight for Jamie Glazov’s show. I also did last week, but Jamie’s comments were spot on: “you did a passable job, but the real Michael Hausam didn’t show up. I appreciate that you went conservative to make sure you didn’t screw up my show. But this time: bring the Hausam.” I think I did and it was a blast. I’ll post it as soon as he releases the video.

That said, good show today and I hope you listened or will listen.

Show topics:

  1. DiGiorno needs to make sure to understand a hashtag on Twitter before they use a hashtag on Twitter. #Derps.
  2. JJ Watt doesn’t know what rich people buy and that’s awesome.
  3. President stompy-foot was refused access to some classy country clubs. Good.
  4. My son Ricker called in — about the plan to equip the Syrian rebels with guns and armaments.
  5. Kira Davis was a guest for 40 minutes or so, to talk about this article and video:

  1. I followed up on the story about the idiot DoJ staffer who accidentally called Darrel Issa’s office, revealing the collusion between the Administration and members of the House Investigation committee to obfuscate the IRS investigation.
  2. Ted Cruz: First Amendment hero. The Dem’s plan to get money out of politics is plain stupid.
  3. Did Mike Pence just take himself off the A-list for Republican Presidential hopefuls?

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Sep 092014

Fun show – but I got too into it a couple of times and was out of breath. #CalmDownHaus.

Archives: available here and in the iTunes store.

Listen live: 5 PM to 7 PM EST at this link.

Call in: 888.787.8023.

New iPhone? Yeah. I’m in.iphones


Topics today:

  1. The DNC’s stupid new promo: give money and win a raffled trip to be with the Prez, first lady, Veep, and Hillary.
  2. Bill Maher nails it: Hillary was upset because the country did the same thing to her that Bill did — get a new and younger model.
  3. Climate change: per Hillary, the “most urgent and consequential challenge” we face; except there’s been no warming for 18 years. #Derp
  4. Narcissist in Chief: Barack at the UN conference.
  5. IRS scandal continues: they had a secret group investigating donors, they were running the whole thing from DC, and 5 more individuals’ hard drives “crashed.” Sure they did.
  6. Reagan VS Obama: Reagan FTW. By a massive amount, despite the Forbes article’s claim.
  7. More government waste: $375,000 for vegetable puppet show.
  8. Whoa: Penn State removes Bibles from hotel rooms due to violent language and violent advocacy. And I kind of agree with them.
  9. Econ 101: Government regulations hurt economic growth. Study PROVES it.
  10. White House Fail: Josh Earnest can’t actually explain why anyone should watch the President’s statement on ISIS tomorrow night. Thanks Jake Tapper!
  11. Animal Rights Nutsos: animals are NOT persons.
  12. What a relief: as of now, one can use their EBT card to buy weed.
  13. Oops: Holder aide accidentally calls Republican instead of Democrat for spin advice on latest on IRS scandal. #DCfail

More tomorrow…

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Sep 092014
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This was a FUN show.

Listen to the archive here or in the iTunes store. Listen to it live from 5 PM to 7 PM Eastern here.

I want you to call in: 888.787.8023 or email the show at Radio@MPHaus.US.

Super fun: my friend the great Larry O’Connor called in and we talked music and a teensy tiny bit of politics. My brother from another mother, Mike Miller also called in and he was wrong about the awful Bruce Springsteen.

Topics for the day:

  1. Yeah, I watched Labor Day this weekend. But did NOT get emotionally moved at the end. I did NOT.
  2. Jack the Ripper: we KNOW WHO HE WAS!
  3. Atlanta Hawks owner: Racist? He thinks so. But Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does NOT.
  4. Expensive wine glasses: a waste of money.
  5. SE Cupp totally destroys Obama’s professed ignorance of “optics.”
  6. Harvard Business School: businesses need to develop a coordinated strategy to lift living standards for the average American worker. No they don’t. They need to create and meet demand. And earn a profit for their shareholders. And that’s it.
  7. Barbara Boxer is not going to run again. Thank heaven.
  8. Feminists are angry: women make lifelong friends in college and have those friends be their bridesmaids.
  9. Cards Against Humanity: the best party game that I’ll never tell my parents I absolutely love.HausRules with 2 HoursCapitalistIJR logo smallerhausrules square


Sep 082014
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Last week Jamie Glazov asked me to guest-host his television show, “The Glazov Gang.”

I totally stacked the desk in order to make sure the heavy lifting was done by my guests. And they did: Mike Munzing (biz owner in OC, Aliso Viejo city councilman, and tea party activist), Jennifer Van Laar (biz owner, writer for IJReview and others, and political consultant), and Mark Tapson (writer) were all fantastic.

We discussed ISIS, the middle-east, and the President’s handling of recent events there. We also talked economic patriotism and the nonsense coming from the White House and Democratic leadership related to taxes and corporations.

Here you go:

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Sep 072014

As always, you can listen to the archive of the show here or in the iTunes store. It streams live here from 2 PM to 4 PM Pacific Monday through Friday.

Fun: last Sunday, 8.31.14, I was a guest on Eric Farris’ radio show in Branson, MO.  Eric is such a pro and he really makes me look good — and we obviously have a ton of fun. Listen to the clip here.

On Wednesday the 3rd, I was the guest host for Jamie Glazov’s television show, with rockstars Mark Tapson, Mike Munzing, and Jennifer Van Laar. The YouTube of it just released this weekend – you can view it here.

In the first hour, IJReview, RatBlog and Truth Be Told Media‘s Mike Miller joined me to solve all the problems in the world. And we pretty much did.

Topics for the day:

  1. Funniest video of the week: Frank Caliendo doing Jack Nicholson’s ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’ speech as Charles Barkley.
  2. Poll: GOP and Dems united on what should be done about ISIS.
  3. USDA helpful nanny-state intrusion: how to do marshmallows and some healthy alternatives.
  4. The newest lack-of-jobs report. And how the Administration will spin it…
  5. What will REALLY happen if fast food places are forced to pay $15 an hour. And what a Dem rep said about her arrest after protesting on behalf of the wage hike.
  6. Awesome: Andrew Klavan is going to be the writer for the Gosnell Movie.
  7. Hillary’s genius: climate change is the most urgent and consequential challenge we face.
  8. Narcissist in chief at the NATO pic taking.
  9. With these latest white VS black unemployment numbers, is it time for the 95% lockstep for Democrats to come to an end, even if for purely negotiating leverage purposes?

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Sep 052014
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Of course, Joan Rivers‘ passing received first billing. Amazingly talented and entertaining woman, to be sure.

Reminder: The show streams live here from 2 PM to 4 PM Pacific time. Call in number: 888.787.8023 and email the show at Radio@MPHaus.US.

The one HausRule: Substance over symbolism.


The topics for the day:

  • Cartwheels are now banned in some schools. Thank God. Can’t have unobserved cartwheels.

upside-down things





An archive of the show will be available here or in the iTunes store!

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Sep 042014
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If you missed it, you can listen to the archive here or get a podcast download in the iTunes Store. As of 6.3.14, it’s now a 2-hour show which is great fun.

Fun links:

  • My 6.2.14 Dennis Miller Radio Show appearance — Christian had me in studio for an hour and it was a complete blast. Listen here.
  • My 6.2.14 Rick Amato TV Show appearance — After leaving Miller’s Culver City studio, I headed down to San Diego for a great GrassRootsCitizensPanel segment with Rick. Watch here.

Topics on the show today:


Mike for AV Crop 3

  • Presidential dithering: is it “destroy” or “manage,” Mr. Foreign Policy genius?
  • Keven Boyd with IJReview called in to discuss the latest Democrat accusation against the GOP: Worse the ISIS. Also that a former Dem rep prays that the NRA gets ebola. Because the left cares.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.28.18 AM

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Not discussed, but my favorite article of the week, so far: the great Gavin MacInnes.

Two songs I’m basically obsessing on these days: Best Friend by Foster the People and Unkinder (Tougher Love) by Thumpers. Because I’m like that.


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Sep 042014
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I started the morning in Culver City doing the Dennis Miller Radio Show – then later that afternoon was on the Rick Amato Show. Totally fun day.Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.05.52 AM

We discussed the release of the naked pics of celebrities, Michael Sam, and Obama’s boredom with actually running the country.

Here’s the clip:


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